"If it weren't for the penis, human life would have ended with Adam and Eve.
It seems strange that something so important is so funny-looking.
I'm an author and journalist. Sometimes I write about funny things.
Some of those funny things are penises."
--Michael N. Marcus

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Smallest Penis Contest moves to bigger venue in Brooklyn

Uninhibited and under-endowed men who take pride in their teeny weenies will once again have a chance to show their stuff and compete for big bucks in Brooklyn this summer.

After two years the pageant for little dicks has outgrown the previous little venue, and will be held at the Kings County Saloon on Saturday, June 13th. Tickets cost just $5 for watching. I'm not sure if there is an entry fee. Top prize has been raised from $200 to $500
If you want to show off the effect of your father's crappy genes, send email to spb.brooklyn [AT] gmail.com and let them know you want to compete.
There’s no word if previous winners Nick “The Delivery Man” Gilronan or Rajeev “Rajkumar” Gupta will be in attendance. On the other hand, 2013′s runner up “Dick van Winkle” will be competing.


Photo by Mary Dorn. Thanks.

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