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Friday, April 10, 2015

Schizophrenic sperm leads to lawsuit

An American sperm bank admitted that it did not verify the personal information of a donor used by a Canadian couple now suing the company, alleging they were never told the man was a schizophrenic with a criminal record.

The president of Xytex Corp. said a careful review of its records had determined the Canadian couple’s claims “do not reflect” the information the donor provided to the company.

“We stand by the process we followed, and intend to vigorously defend ourselves against the allegations in this lawsuit,” Kevin M. O’Brien said.

Ontario residents Angela Collins and Margaret Elizabeth Hanson allege that Xytex told them their choice of donor was a healthy man with multiple degrees who was “among their best donors.”

The couple alleges they only accidentally learned the identity of their donor years after their son was born, and through their own research realized the man was a college dropout who had been arrested for burglary and had schizophrenia.

The couple is now seeking damages for pain, suffering and financial losses as it alleges Xytex engaged in fraud, misrepresentation, negligence and battery, among other claims.

Xytex stated it has done nothing wrong. Information was passed on to the couple, who were “clearly informed” that the details were reported by the donor and “were not verified by Xytex,” O’Brien noted.


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