"If it weren't for the penis, human life would have ended with Adam and Eve.
It seems strange that something so important is so funny-looking.
I'm an author and journalist. Sometimes I write about funny things.
Some of those funny things are penises."
--Michael N. Marcus

Friday, February 6, 2015

Man collected millions for microwaved penis

A California man was awarded 13 million dollars after a treatment at Vanderbilt University Medical Center went horribly wrong, making it necessary for physicians to amputate his penis. 

The patient, diagnosed with a swollen prostate, went into the hospital for a routine one-hour treatment, but came out with a badly burned penis after the microwave-style device malfunctioned.

The device, known as the Pros-ta-tron system, involves channeling microwave-energy through a catheter in the urethra, in order to burn off excess prostate cells. During the treatment the device slipped, causing microwaves to be directed at his penis, rather than the prostate. Tucker's penis was reportedly so badly burned that he was bed-ridden for nearly a month. 32 days following the botched treatment, it had to be amputated.


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