"If it weren't for the penis, human life would have ended with Adam and Eve.
It seems strange that something so important is so funny-looking.
I'm an author and journalist. Sometimes I write about funny things.
Some of those funny things are penises."
--Michael N. Marcus

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Man is suing hospital for cutting his penis off

A Romanian man who went to the hospital to have a kidney operation left without his penis.

Costica Maroleanu, 55, suffered from kidney failure and went to a hospital for surgery. When the surgery was over, the hospital informed him that, because the nurse had not properly fitted the catheter, his penis became red and infected.

He was moved to intensive care and later to nephrology, but was left unattended for 10 days when the doctor went on vacation.

Maroleanu was then transferred to another hospital, where doctors determined his infected penis must be removed, or he would risk death.

Maroleanu said he is “devastated” because he has to urinate like a woman and is now demanding  $539,000 compensation from the county hospital for malpractice.
The head of Romania’s Sexual Medicine Association questioned the likelihood of his winning the lawsuit. “I’m not sure he will win by saying he is devastated and has to go to the toilet like a woman,” professor Nicolae Calomfirescu told CEN. “If you cut the left hand of a violinist, he will be devastated. But should he be devastated by the loss of his penis? I would say the man needs to be evaluated by a psychologist.” 


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