"If it weren't for the penis, human life would have ended with Adam and Eve.
It seems strange that something so important is so funny-looking.
I'm an author and journalist. Sometimes I write about funny things.
Some of those funny things are penises."
--Michael N. Marcus

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Elderly man caught whacking-off in McDonald's parking lot

A man was arrested after watching porn and masturbating in a McDonald's parking lot in Bonita Springs, Florida early last year.

When deputies arrived, they found Spencer Toner sitting in a Mercedes-Benz, looking at porn on a laptop while whacking off. 

A deputy knocked on the window of the Mercedes. Toner immediately shut off his laptop and rolled down his window. He told deputies he was there to "get a bite to eat."

Deputies asked for his license and registration and told him he was under arrest for indecent exposure. Toner told them he was homeless and living in his car.

The complainant told deputies that Toner was told to leave the parking lot because young children were around his vehicle but Toner told them they were invading his privacy. He was booked into the Lee County jail on indecent exposure charges


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